0.7 “Why and How to use Affirmations”

by Burt Dubin on September 16, 2013

0.7 “Why and How to use Affirmations”

Affirmations serve you uniquely. They do for you what nothing else can do. Affirmations are particularly valuable for you when you are engulfed by major disadvantages.

    For example, if you ever experience, or in your past if you have experienced abuse, (physical, mental, emotional, psychological,) and other chronic mistreatment, using affirmations may be your turning point toward righting your life.

    If you are now dealing with financial lack, obesity, self esteem issues, or other untenable situations, affirmations can serve you as you invest energy and will to divest yourself of these painful anchors now holding you back.

    Your affirmations are the liberating portals that free your beliefs to soar. They let you see your real possibilities. They permit you to believe in yourself as you may not have up to now. They certainly did that for me as I endured dark days, months and years.

    To see more affirmations, Google the word “affirmations.”

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by Dr. Ernest Holmes

Abundance is mine. I cannot be deprived of my supply.

The trees do not lack for leaves, nor do the flowers fail to

bloom. Am I not as important as they? "Consider the lilies

of the field, they toil not neither do they spin, yet.

Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these."

I look at the lavish wastefulness of Nature and know that

God intended me to be as abundantly supplied, with everything

that makes for beauty, well-being, progressive living and

happiness. I, myself, am to blame when these "fruits of the

Spirit" fail to appear.

Since I know the Truth of my being, I will no longer hinder

or retard my good from coming to me. I will expect and accept

all that I need to make life happy and worthwhile; for I am a

child of the Spirit, and every attribute of It – every attribute of

Good – is my inheritance.

Nothing but lack of faith can keep my good from me, for

I am one with the Universal Essence of Life, or Spirit, and Its

Substance will manifest in my experience as I believe. No longer

will I go for my good, carrying only a dipper to be filled. This

day, as I turn to the Father within, I bring "All the empty vessels"

knowing they will be filled, and my abundance will become manifest.

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5.19 Summary of recommended actions:

by Burt Dubin on September 16, 2013

5.19 Summary of recommended actions:

For your ready reference and inspiration,

here is your summary of the

recommended actions:

5.1 Take these actions:

1. Be the authentic you.

2. If you need more training, get it!

3. Create a unique USP.

4. Make yourself irresistible.

5.2 Take these actions:

1. Care for your body.

2. Allow yourself emotional fulfillment.

3. Continue researching and growing.

4. Play as often as possible.

5. Cherish your spiritual essence.

5.3 Take these actions:

1. Liberate your imagination

2. Engage your intuition.

3. Deliver transcendent outcomes.

4. Help decision maker look good.

5. Address their wants.

6. Understand their world.

7. Get the “no” you want.

5.4 Take these actions:

1. Think with crystal clarity.

2. Magnetize desired outcome.

3. Be one-pointed. Focus, focus, focus.

4. Follow your gut.

5. S-h-h. Stay mum.

6. Record flashes instantly.

7. Say thanks.

5.5 Take these actions:

1. Consider testing oddball strategies.

2. Work exclusively with the top dog.

3. Serve entities with lofty philosophies.

4. Ditch quotes and proposals.

5. Market outcomes exclusively.

6. Own recordings of your events.

7. Produce an Evidence Manual.

8. Prospect relentlessly.

5.6 Take these actions:

1. Be the incorrigible master of what you do.

2. Know who is willing to pay you well.

3. Hold your head high.

4. Stick to your lofty principles.

5.7 Take these actions:

1. Hold your temper and your fire.

2. Get out quickly and quietly.

3. Internalize the lesson.

4. Move on.

(Personal note: I did this 5 times and advanced myself every time. Go thou and do likewise!)

5.8 Take these actions:

1. Read between the lines. Hear the unspoken.

2. Welcome Nature’s silent lessons.

3. Seek solitude in the natural world.

4. Liberate your intuitive access to wisdom.

5. Let yourself grow.

5.9 Take these actions:

1. Go with what brung ya’.

2. Commit to making a meaningful difference.

3. Do in-depth research.

4. Be a monomaniac with a vision.

5. Engage your inner knowing.

6. Learn from your goof-ups.

7. Take action.

5.10 Take these actions:

1. Work only as an independent.

2. Do not market your services.

3. Market the outcomes of your services.

4. Find fresh ideas and actions intuitively.

5. Tune into and target new markets.

6. Carry your business climate with you.

7. Dump unworthy others.

8. Judiciously invest proceeds.

9. Create irresistible offers.

10. Under-promise—over-deliver.

11. Be a master of your craft.

5.11 Take these actions:

1. Be in command.

2. Master your deliverables.

3. Look directly at their baby blues.

4. Look with the wide eyes of a young child.

5. Pause a lot.

6. Don the mantle of your mastership.

7. Create a slippery slide toward the action you want.

5.12 Take these actions:

1. Create and claim your DBA.

2. Request an RFP from every agency.

3. Know you are to deal with bureaucracies.

4. Follow through interminably.

5. Target every governmental level.

5.13 Take these actions:

1. Know what you don’t know.

2. Capture the lesson in every pratfall.

3. Be a specialist.

4. Exploit your passion.

5. Get a credential if you need one.

6. Remember: proficiency as a master is a credential!

7. Show up and deliver, warts and all.

5.14 Take these actions:

1. Wow those you serve.

2. Express gratitude. Say thank you a lot.

3. Send postcards from destination when you travel.

4. Do something extra when possible.

5. Send birthday cards.

6. Give key clients a private phone number.

7. Publish a newsletter.

5.15 Take these actions:

1. Follow-up always.

2. Exploit your uniqueness.

3. Make it fun.

4. Repeat their name.

5. Send thank you letters.

6. When appropriate send token gifts.

5.16 Take these actions:

1. Bump yourself up in the world.

2. Claim the mantle of your mastership.

3. Let yourself grow.

5.17 Take these actions:

1. Decide where you want to go.

2. Engage the winds and tides of your your life.

3. Take massive action.

4. Be an iconoclast.

5. Let nothing stand in your way.

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